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Barnard, B.F.H., 1932. The one-horned rhinoceros. Malayan Forester 1: 183-185

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Peninsular
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Javan Rhino

Original text on this topic:
While on the subject of rhinoceros I may take this opportunity, of recording the fact that the late F. J. Weld, formerly of the F.M.S. Civil Service, once got two of them right and left. This happened in about 1897, at a spot about three miles f rom Batu Gajah on the road to Gopeng. It had been known for some time, that there was a rhinoceros in the neighbourhood and Weld had been out after it several times without success. His tracker brought word early one morning that a rhino had crossed the road during the previous night. Weld drove out to the place and got onto the tracks at once. How far he had gone before he came up with the beast, I don't remember, but it could not have been any great distance, as he was back in Gajah by midday. However he did get up to his rhino and had a shot at it. It made off and he followed it. Later on he came upon a rhino and killed it with one shot. On examining the body, to find out where his first shot had gone, he could find no mark. This was odd, because there was no likelihood of missing so big a mark, and he came to the conclusion that this was not the same animal at which he had fired first. This conclusion proved to be correct, for on going back on the tracks, he found he had changed over from one to the other. The first one shot was found dead shortly afterwards. I did not see these animals, and I cannot say for certain of which species they were, but I think they were R. Javanensis.

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