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Hall-Martin, A., 1984. Notes

In: Mundy, P.J. Rhinoceros in South and South West Africa. Proceedings of a Workshop held at Pilanesberg Game Reserve, Bophuthatswana, 15 and 16 February 1984. Johannesburg, Endangered Wildlife Trust: pp. 1-25

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Animals of the michaeli subspecies were introduced from Kenya in the early 1960's. Unfortunately, there minor bulls were added in 1977 which created the problem of genetic mixing of subspecies. However, it is relatively easy to distinguish rhinos of the two subspecies from the air and from the ground - minor animals are smaller and have a smoother skin than do michaeli animals. In May 1981 two minor bulls were removed (the third had earlier been castrated) and in May 1983 three hybrid calves were captured and sent to the National Zoological Gardens (Pretoria). Today, Addo holds 14 pure michaeli rhinos (and one castrated minor bull), comprising five males and nine females: four of the females are adult cows and all have calved within the last four years. Thus, the prospects for reproduction and population increase are very good. All rhinos are inside the elephant-proof fence, the habitat for them is excellent and the area available will soon be enlarged to 6 800 ha. The National Parks Board has agreed to maintain the genetic purity of this population.

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