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Anonymous, 1998. Denver Zoo rhino has a brush with fame!. On the wild side, Denver no. 20, 1998 May-June: 1, fig. 1

Location: Captive - North America
Subject: Management
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Mshindi is a one-ton artist who's making an impression on Denver Zoo staff as the world's only rhinoceros known to paint with a brush. Mshindi, a Swahili word for 'warrior' is a 5-year old male black rhino at Denver Zoo. Mshindi's genius is not just a stroke of genius. The painting process is part of an extensive behavioral enrichment program developed in part by his primary keeper, Christine Bobko. Bobko has trained him through operant conditioning to conduct a variety of behaviors, including sitting on command, fetching a stick, standing still, backing up, sitting on a boomer ball, prsenting his foot, and even presenting his ear for veterinary and keeper staff to draw blood. The purpose of these behaviors is to stimulate him psychologically and acclimate the animal to interaction with his keeper in order to better onserve his health. Mshindi's condition is also instrumental in a dietary study involving a new pellet-food formulated with aspen leaves.

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