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Clers, B. des, 1984. Elephants and rhinos. Bulletin of the International Foundation for the Conservation of Game 20: 1

Location: World
Subject: Management - Programs
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Two very important events have taken place over the last few weeks regarding conservation of the most prestigious African game species: elephants and rhinos. In the face of the material impossibility of guar- anting absolute protection in the field to surviving black rhinos, they have found their way to safety in escape: the first five rhinos have just been translocated by plane to the US and released into two large breeding enclosures in Texas. Their offspring are destined to be released into the immense stretches of Texas brush and will guarantee for further generations the survival of the species and the possibility of repopulating African Parks and Reserves when the conditions of their survival can be assured.

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