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Maugham, R.C.F., 1920. The Republic of Liberia, being a general description of the Negro republic, with its history, commerce, agriculture, flora, fauna and present methods of administration. London, George Allen and Unwin, and New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, pp. 1-299

Location: Africa - Western Africa - Liberia
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
There is no trace, as far as I can ascertain, of any form of rhinoceros, in Liberia, a circumstance which is not surprising when the character of the greater part of the country is taken into account. The rhinoceros, in my experience, which coincides with that of many other hunters and observers of great game, is a beast which abhors the jungle. The haunts of its predilection are those covered by patchy thorn bush occurring in thinly grassed plains, the country, as a whole, being dry and stony. I have, indeed, often thought that the gradual extension eastwards of the tremendous Congo forest may have been the influence directly responsible for separating the almost extinct rhinoceros of South Africa from the recently discovered member, of the same family, who have been found inhabiting, in considerable numbers, portions of the country through which flow the upper waters of the Nile. Be this as it may, neither the white rhinoceros of the Lado enclave nor his relative the black variety of almost all Africa over, has as yet been found in any portion of Liberia so far as our present knowledge extends.

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