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Meijaard, E., 1996. The Sumatran rhinoceros in Kalimantan, Indonesia: its possible distribution and conservation prospects. Pachyderm 21: 15-23, map 1

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Borneo
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
An employee of the Agency for the Conservation of Natural Resources (SB KSDA) in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, heard rumours from local people in the Bentuang Karimun Nature Reserve (E 113.47 N 1.22) that there were still rhinos around. Further affirmative information on rhino presence in the Bentuang Karimun Reserve came from employees of the provincial Department of Forestry (Kanwil Kehutanan) in Putussibau, upper Kapuas.
Tasker (1994) reported that `on the Kalimantan side (of Lanjak Entimau) (E 112.30 N 1.40), the rare Sumatran rhinoceros has been seen'. It is unclear what the original source of information was. The presence of rhinos in the 600,000ha Bentuang Karimun Nature Reserve could not be substantiated as reports were contradictory. However, rhinos were hunted in the upper Kapuas area until quite recently. Furthermore, the Bentuang Karimun area is virtually uninhabited and recent satellite imagery shows that its forests are more or less untouched.

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