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Barnard, B.F.H., 1932. The one-horned rhinoceros. Malayan Forester 1: 183-185

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Peninsular
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Javan Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The shooting of the Rhinoceros sondaicus in Lower Perak, by Mr. Vernay, reminds me of the occasion on which my brother, H. C. Barnard, and I shot a male of the species on nearly the same spot in 1898. A short account of the incident may be of interest to some readers of ?The Malayan Forester.' The object of our expedition was seladang (Bos gaurus), which were reported to be in the neighbourhood of Sungei Pelawan, some miles east of the railway near Chikus.
The whole stretch of country, from the Perak River on the west to the main mountain-range on the east, was then virgin forest and practically uninhabited, as I believe most of it is still today. There were a few Malay rattan cutters near Chikus, and on Sungei Pelawan, and it was near the house of one of the latter that we made our camp.[one shot, Rhinoceros sondaicus ]

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