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Foose, T.J.; Strien, N.J. van, 1995. Asian Rhino Specialist Group activities. Asian Rhinos 2: 2-3

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Indonesia
Subject: Management - Programs
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The UNDP GEF Project Conservation Strategy for Rhinoceros in South East Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia) was activated in April 1995. In Indonesia, the Sumatran Rhino Trust (SRT) base camp has been rehabilitated into the training and operations center for the project. A four-member Mobile Team has been formed and deployed. The Mobile Team is led by the Regional Field Coordinator Mr. Dwi Sutantohadi, who also serves as the Mobile Team member for law enforcement. Other Mobile Team members are: Hario T. Wibisono (research & monitoring); Arief Rubianto (management & protection); Desmonth Bangun (education & extension). To date, members for 4 Rhino Protection Units have been recruited and they have completed the first training course. Training of a second set of teams will commence after the first of the new year. The Teams are being deployed in Kerinci Seblat and Barisan Selatan National Parks. It is expected that the Mobile Unit will also be involved in training an anti-poaching team for rhinos and tigers in Way Kambas National Park where increasing evidence of a significant rhino population is being discovered. Ir. Dwiatmo Siswomartono, PHPA Director for Nature, Flora and Fauna Conservation, serves as the Project Director. Drs. Widodo Ramono is the Project Manager and Rhino Conservation Officer for Indonesia. Muniful Hamid is serving as the National Field Operations Consultant; Mr. Philip Wells, Dr. Nico van Strien, and Dr. Charles Santiapillai are serving as International Field Operations Consultants. 'ne staff of Yayasan Mitra Rhino (YMR) is operating as the secretariat for the Project: Haerudin Sadjudin; Marcellus Adi; Dadan Dani Subrata.

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