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Planton, H., 1999. Rhinoceros noir du Nord Ouest de l'Afrique (Diceros bicornis longipes): le compte a rebours continue. Pachyderm 27: 86-100, figs. 1-6, photo 1-8, table 1

Location: Africa - Western Africa
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
The evolution of the numbers of Diceros bicornis longipes in Central and West Africa does not follow the curve for the entire species. An intense period of destruction at the start of the 20th century wiped out the subspecies in West Africa, Bouna in Ivory Coast in 1905, and brought it to the brink of extinction in Central Africa, where however still 400 were thought to exist in Nord Cameroun, North Central African Republic and southern Tchad. After 25 years of strenouous efforts, scientists in central Africa could report an increase in numbers and an extension of the range towards places where the animal had disappeared. Numbers of 1000 individuals were mentioned in 1957, of which 300 (or 450) were listed for Cameroon, an annual increase of 3 %.. The increase continued to numbers of 2000 in 1960 to 3000 in 1980, an increase of 4,5 to 6 % per annum.

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