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Winkler, H.A., 1938. Rock drawings of Southern Upper Egypt, I. Sir Robert Mond desert expedition, season 1936-1937, preliminary report. London, The Egypt Exploration Society and Humphrey Milford

Location: Africa - Northern Africa - Egypt
Subject: Culture - Countries
Species: African Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
Rock engraving upper Egypt. The animals in the frieze are just sketched. With afew lines a spirited picture of each one is given, the elephant and the rhinoceros heavy and strong.
The evidence which inclines me to attribute this picture to a Hamitic artist is not strong. We more readily expect to find Hamites here than any one else. It is at present not possible to date the picture. We can only say that it was probably made at a time when the hunter could observe, here near the Nile, elephants and rhinoceroses. The rhinoceros is the only specimen yet found in the rock-drawings of Egypt.

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