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Anderson, A.B., 1949. The Sudan's Southern National Park. African Wildlife 3 (1): 24-29, 55, figs. 1-7, map 1

Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Sudan
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Park rarely visited, probably not more than 20 white people in the past 20 years. Area about 7800 sq.miles, covered with long grass up to 15 ft high. Three big rivers, the Sue in the west, Gel in the east and Ibba in the centre. There is Ngaringba Rest house in the southern part of the park.
There are a few white rhino (no black as far as is known.) but only a few pairs - perhaps five. This species seems to prefer to live along the banks of the Nile in the Sudan and is scarce in this area. - Southern National Park, ca. 8.35 S, 28.35 E

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