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Hofmeyr, J.M., 1975. The adaptation of wild animals translocated to new areas in South West Africa: pp. 126-131, fig. 1

In: Reid, R.L. Proceedings of the Third World Confence on animal production. Sydney, Sydney University Press

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - Namibia
Subject: Ecology - Interspecific Relations
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Attacks by lions (Panthera leo) on adult rhinos have been seen on two occasions in the Okaukeujo and Halali areas. Although the rhinos were able to ward off their offenders, they can by no means be considered safe when confronted by a large pride of lions. Herbert and Austen (1972) record the killing by lions of an adult rhino which was released in the Wankie National Park. The recruitment rate of the black rhinoceros is slow, and they take a considerable time to reach maturity. The influence, therefore, of lions, particularly on rhino calves and subadults, may have a significant bearing on black rhino populations, especially when they occur in areas commonly frequented by these predators.

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