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Santiapillai, C., 1992. Javan rhinoceros in Vietnam. Pachyderm 15: 25-27, figs. 1-3

Location: Asia - East Asia - Vietnam
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Asian Rhino Species

Original text on this topic:
The priorities for conservation of Javan rhinos in Vietnam are to protect the habitat and to eliminate the threat of poaching. It is proposed to link the 35,000 ha rhino area with the adjoining 45,000 ha Nam Bai Cat Tien National Park, provide a buffer zone around the rhino area to increase the total area to about 100,000 ha, and declare the entire unit a 'Man and Biosphere Reserve'.
More detailed surveys of adjoining areas are planned, which should determine the range and number of Javan rhinos in Vietnam. Stricter penalties need to be imposed on persons killing rhinos or trading in their products. The conservation of the Javan rhino, if it is to succeed, must have the support of the local people, especially those who live along the fringes of the rhino habitat and whose livelihood depends on the rational use of forest resources.
The Javan rhino in Vietnam is well adapted to respond to a 'Sanctuary Strategy'. The small rhino population in Lan Dong province can remain viable, and so must be protected and not abandoned on the hypothesis that genetic degeneration will set in and automatically eliminate it.

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