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Bigalke, R.C., 1978. Mammals: pp. 981-1048

In: Werger, M.J.A. Biogeography and ecology of Southern Africa. Amsterdam, Junk (Monographia Biologicae, vol. 31): vol. 2, pp. 663-1439

Location: World
Subject: Ecology - Population
Species: White Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Home range sizes in thickets were about 2 km? and in savanna 4-4.5 km? in the Hluhluwe Game Reserve (Hitchins 1969). Joubert & Eloff found them to vary from 30 to 40 in their very dry study area, the largest being in the most and parts. The black rhinoceros is dependent on drinking water in most regions.

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