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Harrisson, T., 1949. The large mammals of Borneo. Malayan Nature Journal 4: 70-76

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Borneo
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
In 1931 Mr. Banks wrote: `There can at the moment be no fear of Rhinoceros becoming scarce for as many as 36 trophies were brought into Belaga in two years not so long ago, and I have met men who claimed to have shot over 30 in the course of their life time, but it must be evident that such a slow breeding animal cannott stand destruction for long at that rate so that the matter will one day have to be attended to.' Alas, that `one day' came some days too late, and it was precisely such slaughter which, within a few years, virtually exterminated this fine beast in Sarawak. There are now almost certainly no rhinoceros left in Sarawak. There are still some in Dutch Borneo. In North Borneo, where full protection has long been in force, a consider- able number are now believed to survive, mainly in the north-east, according to information from Mr. H.G. Keith.

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