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Vigne, L.; Martin, E.B., 1990. Poachers kill rhino in India by electrocution. Swara 13 (5): 19, fig. 1

Location: Asia - South Asia - India
Subject: Distribution - Poaching
Species: Indian Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Another lethal poaching tactic started in Sept 1989 when a rhino was electrocuted to death in Pobitora by a wire attached to a high-tensile power line traversing the park. A second electrocution occurred shortly afterwards.
Poachers ingenuously hook wires onto the power lines, drawing current from it to a rhino track where these live wires are suspended 1 m above the ground. During the night a rhino tocuhes the wire and is electrocuted to death. Burns on the rhino carcases indicate that they struggle to escape for about 5 minutes before succumbing to the shock.

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