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Khan, M.; Foose, T.J.; Strien, N.J. van, 1998. Chairman's report: Asian Rhino Specialist Group. Pachyderm 26: 6-7

Location: World
Subject: Management - Programs
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:

AsRSG and IRF organised and funded a meeting in early February 1999 at Sungai Dusun of manegers from the four facilities with Sumatran rhinos in managed breeding situations: Sungai Dusun (Peninsula Malaysia), the SRS at Way Kambas, sepilok Rhino Breeding Centre, and the Cincinnati Zoo. In conjunction with this session, a team of reproductive specialists from USA, Canada, Malaysia and Indonesia conducted an assessment of the programme and an examiniation of many individual Sumatran rhinos. As a result, the group that convened at Sungai Dusun formulated new recommendations for each of the 17 rhinos (5 male, 12 female) in managed breeding situations in an effort to maximise the probability of reproduction. At this time, 4 females have mated and the results of pregnancy tests should be available soon.

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