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Medway, Lord, 1977. Mammals of Borneo, field keys and an annotated checklist. Kuala Lumpur, MBRAS (Monograph no. 7), pp. i-xii, 1-172

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Borneo
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Yet in 1836, in the neighbourhood of Banjermasin, M?ller (1839-40) found no traces; his informant described a rhinoceros seen in the upper S. Kahayan, Central Kalimantan. Bock (1882) reported that the rhinoceros was 'very rarely captured' in southeastern Borneo (i.e. the region from Kutai to Banjermasin), and this must still have been true in 1914 when Raven (unpublished diary entry, dated 14 March) at S. Merah, Mahakam, was `surprised to see fairly fresh rhinoceros tracks, as they are said to be rare hereabouts.'

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