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Rabinowitz, A.; Schaller, G.B.; Uga, U., 1995. A survey to assess the status of the Sumatran rhinoceros and other large mammal species in Tamanthi wildlife sanctuary, Myanmar. Oryx 29 (2): 123-128, fig. 1, table 1

Location: Asia - South East Asia - Malaysia - Sabah
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Sumatran Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Of two new rhinos captured since 1992, both in the forests of an area proposed for protection along the Kinabatangan River, one died in captivity under the care of a foreign veterinarian sponsored by the United Nations Development Program and another was radio-collared by the Program's wildlife specialist and put in an enclosure in Tabin. The rhino immediately broke free of the enclosure and went into the forest. Despite the collar, the animal was never followed after its escape. Under the same management, efforts to capture, collar, and relocate additional rhinos were continued.

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