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Skinner, J.D.; Smithers, R.H.N., 1990. The mammals of the southern African subregion, new edition. Pretoria, University of Pretoria, pp. i-xxxii, 1-771

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Distribution - Status
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Since 1962 a total of 131 Hluhluwe-Umfolozi and Mkuzi D.b. minor animals have been moved to re-establish seven new populations: Ndumu Game Reserve (which now has also become a donor reserve, with 19 animals transiocated from Ndumu to date); Kruger National Park (12 also brought in from Zimbabwe), Itala Game Reserve, Pilanesberg National Park, Weenen Nature Reserve - 5 specimens - , Eastern Shores and Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve in the Cape

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