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Cumming, D., 1987. Zimbabwe and the conservation of black rhino. Zimbabwe Science News 21 (5/6): 59-62, figs. 1-3

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - Zimbabwe
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Action Plan. 5. Chirisa - Chizarira, Zimbabwe (population estimate 350)
These contiguous protected areas hold up to 400 black rhino in mostly rugged terrain. Poaching has not been a problem, but the present forces are inadequate to counteract commercial poaching. The Zimbabwean authorities were urged to examine the situation carefully and take appropriate action. A small mobile, well equipped anti-poaching unit established in the district could act as an early antidote to any commercial poaching in the complex comprising Chirisa, Chizarira, Chete and Matusadona.

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