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Owen-Smith, G., 1984. Notes

In: Mundy, P.J. Rhinoceros in South and South West Africa. Proceedings of a Workshop held at Pilanesberg Game Reserve, Bophuthatswana, 15 and 16 February 1984. Johannesburg, Endangered Wildlife Trust: pp. 1-25

Location: Africa - Southern Africa - Namibia
Subject: Distribution - Status
Species: Black Rhino

Original text on this topic:
Thus there has been a considerable decline in rhinos outside of Etosha in the years 1970 - 82, but there is no indication of disease being a cause. The years 1973 - 82 were the worst drought on record, during which three-uarterss of the Kaokoveld' s springbok, zebra and gemsbok died. But rhino calves were born in this period, they were also conceived in this period and they survived. Thus drought is not a cause of desert rhino's decline. In 1982/83 five calves were born. [But drought reduced the vegetation which caused the death of serveral rhinos by starvation - Joubert].
All rhinos in the east of Kaokoveld have disappeared; most of 40 carcasses found were poached (bullet holes, no horns). Today, the desert rhino survives only below the 100 mm isohyet. It is not a unique subspecies, it is the same as Etosha rhinos, but a viable population in Damaraland will not survive two more years without protection. And to remove them would be to harm our cause - the Damaras consider the desert rhinos tp be theirs. They are not out to kill them, indeed the Damara government has banned all hunting two years ago.

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