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Thomas Baines painting
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Thomas Baines painting

Author: Thomas Baines
Year: 1864
Description: Thomas Baines (1820-1875) <br>White Rhinoceroses shot by James Chapman at his scherm at the pool of Kangyou, on the night of June 1st, 1862<br> signed, extensively inscribed and dated 'Painted at Walvisch Bay/April 16 1864/T. Baines' on the reverse<br> oil on canvas <br>18 x 26in. (45.7 x 66.1cm.) <br>The inscription on the reverse reads: 'The two supposed varieties of the White Rhinoceros - Mahooghoo with the anterior horn curved back and Kobaaba with the interior horn straight or curved slightly forward - both females. Shot by J. Chapman at his Scherm at the pool of Kangyou - on the night of June 1st 1862. The horse was saddled to hunt down a third wounded a the same time. Sketched June 2nd. KOBAABA - fully grown-female [25 measurements in feet and inces of this specimen are listed]...MAHOOGHOO - female fully grown not lying favourably for some measurements [3 measurements in feet and inches for this specimen are listed]...Skin reticulated with deep sharp wrinkles leaving angular spaces ¼ to ¾ inch in length - The foetus of Kobaaba perfectly formed but not yet coloured was 8 inches in length. We can find no difference except that the horns and teeth of the Kobaaba show more marks of age - the bending forward of the horn may be in course of wear on the foreside as Kafirs scrape the horns of oxen on the side they wish them to bend to. Chapman says he never saw a young Kobaaba nor could find any native who had seen or heard of a young one.'<br>Sold at Christies in 2000
Location: Africa - Southern Africa
Subject: Taxonomy
Species: White Rhino
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