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"The Big Rhinoceroses" at Amman Sammedni (Libya)
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"The Big Rhinoceroses" at Amman Sammedni (Libya)

Author: unknown
Year: 1970
Description: Two African rhinoceroses engraved on the rock at Amman Sammedni (Acacus, Fezzan, Libya) of the "Teste Rotonde" phase (image resolution: 500 dpi). Fabrizio Mori (1925-2010) was the world-wide most prominent specialist who investigated this archaeological area for about 50 years. More detailed information about is available in “The Great Civilisations of the Ancient Sahara” (translated by B.D. Philips), Erma di Bretschneider, Roma, 1998.
Location: Africa - Northern Africa - Libya
Subject: Culture - Art
Species: African Rhino Species
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Dimensions: 2198x1416 px
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