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Sam 1987
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Sam 1987

Author: Unknown
Year: 1987
Description: Orphan Sam was born in the famous Masai Mara in 1987, but his mother was unable to protect him from the numerous prides of lions. Both were moved to an island in the Mara River, but Sam's mother wanted to go back home, and swam back across the river leaving her tiny calf squealing for help. The lions heard his cries, and went across to get him, mauling him badly before being driven off by the Rangers stationed there to protect him. This orphan grew up with the first infant elephants Daphne reared, Olmeg and Taru, his stable companion a cuddly sheep called "Boozie" whom he loved dearly. He grew up to become an impressive bull, but then he and another orphaned rhino who came in soon afterwards began leaving the boundaries of the Park to venture into human settlement. Both were moved to Tsavo in June 1993. From: David Shedrick Wildlife Trust,
Location: Africa - Eastern Africa - Kenya
Subject: Conservation
Species: Black Rhino
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