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Rockingham 1826
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Rockingham 1826

Author: Rotheram Museum
Year: 1826
Description: The Rhinoceros vase was made at the Rockingham Works in 1826. The pottery was in Swinton, four miles north of Rotherham, South Yorkshire and operated between 1740s and 1842. Porcelain manufacture on the site was only between 1826 and 1842. The Rhinoceros vase was made at the Rockingham Works in 1826. At the time it was the largest item of porcelain fired in one piece in England. It is 1 metre 20 cm (44 inches) high and weighs over 50 Kg (100 lbs).<br>The Rhinoceros vase was made to be displayed in the Pottery showroom to show all the manufacturing and artistic skills of the potters. The ornate decoration is typical of the revived rococo style influenced by objects brought to Regency England after the French Revolution. In 1842, the 3rd Earl Fitzwilliam seized the vase because of the money he was owed and took it to Wentworth House. It stayed at Wentworth until 1949 when a dealer purchased it from the Auction Sale. The Museum bought it from the dealer and it came to Clifton Park Museum.<br>There are two rhinoceros vases; the other is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.<br><br>The photo was provided by Rotherham Libraries, Museums & Arts Service in 2007. It is for research purposes only. The museum’s website can be viewed at
Location: Museums
Subject: Culture - Art
Species: All Rhino Species
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