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Picquardie 1738 Trade Card
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Picquardie 1738 Trade Card

Author: Charles Nicolas Cochin père (1688-1754) after Jacques de Lajoue (1686-1761)
Year: 1738
Description: Trade card of Richard Siddall, chemist at the Golden Head in Panton Street, near the Haymarket, London; a scene of an apothecary's laboratory above, with an advertisement lettered on a fringed curtain below; the chemist seated next to a still and upsetting a log-basket; immediately behind him, an elaborate covered stove with various instruments, surmounted by a bust of Galen; to right, a woman with another basket, looking over her left shoulder; hanging from the ceiling and around the walls, various dried and stuffed preparations including a crocodile, an elephant head, a rhinoceros head, a crab, coral, fish and shells; in the background to left, shelves with labelled jars, a clock; based on 'La Pharmacie' by Jacques de Lajoue. -
Location: Museums
Subject: History
Species: Asian Rhino Species
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Dimensions: 1935x2500 px
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