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Paraceratherium lepidum by Chen Yu
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Paraceratherium lepidum by Chen Yu

Author: Chen Yu
Year: 2011
Description: A Paraceratherium lepidum reconstruction by the Chinese artist Chen Yu. Paraceratherium was an extinct genus of hornless rhinocerotoids lived during the Oligocene and one of the largest terrestrial mammals never existed. Paraceratherium is a synonym with Baluchitherium Forster-Cooper, 1913, Indricotherium Borissiak, 1916, Aralotherium Borisyak, 1939, Pristinotherium Birkjukov, 1953, and Benaratherium Gabunia, 1955.
Location: Asia
Subject: Culture - Art
Species: Fossil
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Dimensions: 800x545 px
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