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One of earliest images of Clara
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One of earliest images of Clara

Author: anonymous
Year: 1742
Description: This is one of the earliest advertisements for Clara. There are two other flyers known with this image that have a text that indicate date and location. The first is an engraving from Middelburg, in the south of The Netherlands dated 1742. It is distinguished by a border of two fine lines as in this print. The second print is a woodcut variation dated 1746 advertising the location Braunschweig, east of Hannover, and it has a thick black line around the image and text. The recently discovered print has been cropped up to the border and pasted on another sheet. It is a curious combination of the prints by Dürer without the dorsal horn and Burgkmair, especially in the legs, horn and collar.
Location: Europe - Western Europe - Austria
Subject: History
Species: Indian Rhino
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Dimensions: 943x650 px
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