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Hluhluwe 1961
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Hluhluwe 1961

Author: Peter Hitchins
Year: 1961
Description: Peter Hitchins wrote: A historical photograph (Hluhluwe Game Reserve 1961), not a good one but gives an idea of the record horn of a Black Rhinoceros in southern Africa during that era; in fact since then I know of only one animal that has exceeded this excellence. Tragically the implementation of legal hunting and of course the current upsurge of poaching will certainly put pay to the few animals achieving this magnificence. <br>I had the pleasure of taking out the MGM camera crew in 1962 / 1963 to film footage of a charging Black rhinoceros for their movie 'Rhino'. One of the numerous individuals was this animal who performed magnificently with a long range slow approach with the final charge from about 20 meters putting holes through the front and the mudguards of the vehicle (which was totally open with two camera crews) and then put its head over the half door into the cab! The sad part is that the one camera crew, in fright, had disconnected the camera from its battery pack!
Location: Africa - Southern Africa - South Africa
Subject: Conservation
Species: Black Rhino
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