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Belitung Shipwreck
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Belitung Shipwreck

Author: Unknown
Year: 1000
Description: Detail of a silver platter decorated with a rhinoceros from the Belitung shipwreck; similar items have been found in a Tang dynasty tomb in China.<br>The late eighth-century period, the location in Yangzhou, the Arab traders, and the gold and<br>silver wares have subtle connections to the mysterious sunken boat discovered in 1998 off the<br>coast of Belitung, Indonesia. A large quantity of ceramic, gold, silver, and bronze objects, as well as other artifacts, was salvaged from the wreck. Of these amazing treasures, a number of the<br>bronze mirrors and especially the gold and silver artifacts almost certainly were produced in<br>Yangzhou during the Tang dynasty.<br><br>Source:
Location: Asia
Subject: Trade
Species: Asian Rhino Species
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