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Andatu 17 July 2012
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Andatu 17 July 2012

Author: Dedi Candra
Year: 2012
Description: Newsletter (email) of YABI<br>Until today (July 17, 2012) the condition of Mother, Ratu, and Son, Andatu, are very well without any interference which means it's just a little disturbed because many guests visit (new peoples) at the beginning of birth. All the activities that Ratu has become a normal condition, including wallowing. Since last week we've made but with little water, Andatu also very happy to wallow, especially during the day and at the night he has slept on the ground. The important now is to make Ratu comfortable in the small boma, eating and drinking normal, and if possible increased than usual, this is sufficient for the production of milk in which Andatu currently receive only breast milk and could not eat the leaves yet. Keeper gives leaves supply with high variation and good quality every day. After passing through 3 weeks of critical period, Ratu and Andatu are good condition, more strong and active with many activities. Andatu very often played with his mother.<br><br>Andatu is healthy and actively growing activity from day to day and started to follow all the daily activities of the mother. 16 July 2012 Andatu weighs 45 kg.
Location: Asia - South East Asia - Indonesia - Sumatra
Subject: Conservation
Species: Sumatran Rhino
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