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Al. Barnes 1920
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Al. Barnes 1920

Author: Unknown
Year: 1925
Description: The Rhino Tableau on Al. G. Barnes in the 1920s. From the Walker Morris Collection. <br> If it was on Barton & Bailey, it is probable that it was already at the Hall Farm before that short-lived show was framed there in 1915; and, whether the foregoing is true or not, it is quite reasonable for it to have been on the Coop & Lent Railroad Circus of 1916-17, because some of the equipment from that one which was not put on truck chassis for the 1918 motorized edition of Coop & Lent ended up in the possession of Horne. It is generally agreed that Barnes acquired the Rhino Tableau from Horne; in fact, one of the better pictures (Photo No. 8) that we have of it was made while it was with Barnes. The final accounting for its missing years should, however, be withheld pending the finding of more Barton & Bailey, Coop & Lent, or other photographs. <br> The Rhino was the last to be junked of the group that Sullivan & Eagle built for Great Wallace. This occurred in 1952 after it had sat around for over 20 years on a lot in Los Angeles that specialized in renting circus props to movie studios. If this one was ever used for that purpose, it evidently ended up on the cutting room floor.
Location: Captive - North America
Subject: Captivity
Species: All Rhino Species
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