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RRC Redesign


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Nov 16th - 23:56

Posted: Aug 25 2012, 08:21 AM
Over the last year updates have been made in our test environment and we're proud to finally be able to update the RRC and make all this available to you. We would like to thank our editors, members and visitors for their feedback on the websites functionality and of course our sponsors for their support!

Here's a short overview of what's new:

-New wider design allowing for more content to be displayed
-Enhanced search algorithms to get more accurate information
-Smarter site structure so Google users can better find our content
-Database updates for faster querying of our growing database
-New categories to allow for a broader range of references to be added
-Enhancements in the back-end to make it easier for our moderators to manage the site
-Minor bug fixes and better browser compatibility
-And last, but certainly not least: New references thanks to Henri Carpentier who provided references from the Carino database.

We welcome any comments on the new design here.

Willem van Strien - Rhino Resource Center Admin

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