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Global rhino management


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Sep 9th - 13:32

Posted: Jan 1 2008, 07:41 PM
Captive breeding of rhinos is currently primarily conducted in zoos associated with regional breeding programmes like SSP, EEP, JAZGA, ASMP. There are fledging initiatives in India (greater one-horned rhino) and Indonesia\Malaysia (Sumatran rhino).

Most of these programmes have on average 30-50 individuals and can not operate without regular infusion of new genes into their populations.

The world WAZA association has talked recently of installing global management programmes for endangered species.

An example: Indian rhinos in SSP was skewed towards females and lone male (over-represented) rhinos available for a new partner (current: 37.35), the EEP is skewed towards females (21.28), India suffers from high proportion of unpaired unrelated males (19.14) and Australasia is slowly building a potential group (8.5).

Recently US and Indian zoos have exchanged individuals and sought to rectify some of their regional issues in breeding Indian rhinos. However, more can and should be done. Look at the EEP vs India or Australasia and limited breeding options (SSP, EEP, India).

How do you in the captive community think this should be worked out? What are the available and realistic options?


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Dec 13th - 00:31

Posted: Dec 13 2011, 12:49 AM
I'm eager to read some input here.

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