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Fencing for Rhinos

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Nov 2nd - 22:07

Posted: Sep 19 2012, 09:27 PM
I've seen a lot of rhino enclosures over the years and there are certain types of materials that they use for containing the rhinos. Fencing, obviously is crucial for holding back a 2-3 ton pachyderm. I really like Cincinnati's Indian rhino fencing. Is it electric and if so, what voltage is required to contain rhinos? Also is brick wall a safe alternative to cable? Are ditches a good or a bad idea based on how they are built?


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Sep 1st - 20:36

Posted: Sep 22 2012, 02:02 AM
In zoos in Australia holding rhinos in the off exhibit area the use of heavy square metal tube which is very strong and will last for years. Some of the fencing is heavy steel rope which is also strong enough but cheaper than all tubing.

On some exhibits the front of the enclosure where the public are has a very steep slope with an electic fence just at the bottom of the slope which works ok.

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Jun 11th - 04:25

Posted: Jun 11 2013, 04:37 AM
in South Australia we hold both black and white rhino. The yards vary in construction and in materials. our original off limit yards were timber, but have been steadily replaced with steel, minimum 100mmx100mm rails. the remaining timber areas used as visibility screens run a visible equine electric wire which is solar powered and on a good day will carry up to 12kva, it averages 7-9kva. our white exhibit is mainly cable electric 1500mm high which has been refined over the years. we alternate the cable/electrics to minimise horn rubbing. rhino fencing is an exercise in patience and vigilance because if there is any weakness they will find it.

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