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Could this idea work or help ???

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May 9th - 12:04

Posted: May 9 2014, 01:55 PM
Hello all im always thinking and a inventor from the uk I have a keen interest in wildlife and the great outdoors.

I have been working on some anti poaching ideas/devices for use here in the uk mainly for our native species But whilst working on these I thought of one that may be worth mentioning on here and to other countries with large endangered animals.

I want to disclose this idea on here so it becomes public information and then no one can claim intellectual property and make money from this idea as I think endangered animals are way more important than money

The idea is a collar fitted around a animals neck this could be tracked but also has a sensor to pick up on movement heat or a pulse and detects when the animals alive, on the collar is a pressurised coded water or ink canister that is activated when the animal dies
this will squirt,mist or explode covering the hides tusk and horns ect with a identifiable mark and signatured liquid
It could also be transferred to the poacher his tools and the land linking them all together with a lasting physical evidence to give a secure prosecution after the event but above all offer a real deterrent
The collar could be powered by battery and charged by kinetic system like the watches or small solar panel strips
This was may idea hope it made sense please feel free to re post the idea to anyone who may find it of value many thanks

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