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White Rhinos Swim-Ability
Nosey Rhino

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Jan 6th - 10:31

Posted: Jan 6 2015, 10:53 AM
I can't find a reputable article reporting on this, but my layman's research is pointing towards the White Rhino as possibly the only land mammal that cannot swim besides Giraffe (not sure) and Apes.

If true, what are the implications of this trait?

Physics makes me think that the weight of the horn would be an issue, making keeping head above water difficult for any Rhino who develops a large/heavy horn.

What I've found looking for information:

A few articles mentioning drowned Rhinos.
A few articles claiming Rhinos are good swimmers except for White Rhinos.
Zero Videos of hornless (near hornless) Rhinos swimming.

Regardless, any footage I found of Rhinos swimming, it was never a Rhino with a developed horn.

So, is it the Horn or the Species that dictates the Rhino's in-ability to swim?

Is it just that the White Rhino has the bigger/heavier Horn leveraged out over its nostrils? If so, can a young hornless White Rhino swim?

What are the implications on travel for the White Rhino? Is their genetic lines restricted by river geography.

Brian Groh
Ozark, Missouri, USA


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