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Sumatran Rhino 'Breeding Centers' in Malaysia

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Jun 29th - 15:13

Posted: Feb 1 2012, 11:06 AM
Are there any news about the breeding center in Malaysia? Since the attempts to breed them in captivity in Malaysia failed spectacularily ten years ago, what will be made different this time?
Wouldn't it be wiser (and much cheaper) to put them into a proper, modern Zoo - preferably in Australia or Singapore?

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Sep 26th - 06:16

Posted: Sep 26 2012, 06:31 AM
Peninsular Malaysia failed. See : for news of a re-vitalised programme in Sabah. It would indeed (IMO) be wiser and cheaper, and have a higher chance of success to let good zoos do the husbandry and breeding. However, there will be just too may people not agreeing and range state governments will not agree, as they fear public opinion and it is easiest for governments to always do the politically safest thing. The extinction of this species will eventually be down to governments rather than poachers.


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Jul 7th - 09:31

Posted: Nov 26 2014, 02:44 PM
Hopefully the 'IVF techniques' that BORA are attempting together with the world renowned team from Leibniz will result in success. However, the two females currently held by BORA have sever reproduction tract tumours and cysts.

I'm fairly confident that the same mistakes from the earlier attempts will not be made again. but it will remain a very very difficult struggle to prevent the Bornean subspecies from going extinct.

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