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Javan Rhino footage on NBC's "Today Show"


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Nov 16th - 05:45

Posted: May 30 2008, 02:41 AM
Hi everyone -

This morning I was both stunned and thrilled to see Javan Rhino footage from a camera trap on NBC's "Today Show", covered for a few seconds by Ann Curry.

I am thinking that NBC will continue to cover the Javan Rhinos if the piece generates interest and responses - so I immediately sent an email to NBC.

I am asking that if others have a few moments to please send an email to NBC about the Javan Rhino crisis and let's hope to bring media attention to this most critical situation.

The email address is simply today (at) nbc (dot) com. Please include "Javan Rhino" in the subject line.

BTW, today there was a significant spike in new visitors to the website using the keywords "javan rhino" and "javan rhinos." Today was the first time that our Javan Rhino species page surpassed even the home page for visits. I think this is directly related to the brief news piece on the Javan Rhinos - let's grab this moment in the spotlight for the Javan Rhinos and bring them some much-needed attention.

Thank you everyone for your time,




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Jan 19th - 14:46

Posted: May 31 2008, 12:45 PM
FYI I viewed the same video on BBC that evening. What the news media does not cover is that there is alot going on in the international community regarding rhinoceros conservation. PBS re-aired the Rhinoceros special on Nature. Rhinoceros translocations occurring in Assam and in Africa. International cooperation focusing in on how to save the NWRs from extinction. Exciting next steps being reported for rhinos in Borneo and Java. Successes in sumatran rhino reproduction. Expansion of protected areas for rhino in East Africa. These highlights do not minimize the challenges ahead. World conservation organizations are estimating annual 1 % drops in worldwide animal populations (due to human impact). The greatest challenge remains how to reach people with the facts that all things on this planet are inter connected. Certainly advances in rhinoceros conservation are linked to successes in saving the overall bio-diversity of this planet which includes the human species. This is the tacit message in the 15 second news bit.

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