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SCI Foundation (hits:13)
Safari Club International Foundation (SCIF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian services.
Born Free Foundation (hits:12)
The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working throughout the world to stop individual wild animal suffering and protect threatened species in the wild.
Schueling Verlag (hits:11)
The Schuling Verlag in Munster has published Rookmaaker's Encounters with the African Rhinoceros.
William Holden Wildlife Foundation (hits:11)
The William Holden Wildlife Foundation Education Center is an educational facility. Students from the education center are invited to tour the adjacent Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy.
The William Holden Wildlife Foundation Education Center offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the outdoors in a rare communication with nature often unavailable to them in their own environment. It is essential to build a respect and appreciation for both the flora and fauna and the understanding of their delicate balance. Nature is a renewable resource but only if we assume the responsibility of its protection.
Animal Base (hits:10)
Early zoological literature online. Provides digital images of taxonomic works.

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