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Asian Rhino Project (hits:360)
The Asian Rhino Project is a non-profit, volunteer organisation raising awareness of and support for the three Asian Rhinoceros species. This group has been initiated by the Perth Zoo Staff in Perth, Western Australia.
Age of Mammals (hits:356)
Russian website with scientific information on fossil mammals, including a wide range of rhinoceros species.
Rhino Biology and Conservation (hits:283)
News with comments on Rhino biology and conservation . Curated by Francesco Nardelli.
Animal Info: Javan Rhino (hits:262)
Biology, ecology, habitat, and status of the Javan Rhino and information on their native countries: biodiversity, ecosystems & population.
Project African Rhino (hits:245)
Project: African Rhino is a multimedia photo-journalism project raising awareness about rhino conservation in Africa, with a particular focus on successful initiatives and scientific developments in the face of current and future threats, including the poaching crisis.<br>The two year project, beginning in mid-2012, will include journalistic coverage of key issues in magazines and newspapers, updates on this blog and on social media sites, a coffee table book celebrating African rhinos, and a major photographic exhibition.
Rhinos in all zoos (hits:233)
Rhinos of the world. Aiming to register all rhinos in all zoos. At the moment we have posted information about every black
rhino (D.b. michaeli) in european zoos (2016). We hope to arise consciousness on the terrible crysis
rhinos are facing all over the world because of poaching and loss of
habitat. Our final aim would be that zoos themselves could send us informations about pregnancy/movements of rhinos.

Rinoceronti Art Gallery (hits:216)
An extensive modern art gallery consisting of rhino imagery. Very impressive and complete collection of beautiful rhino related art.
Southern African Wildlife Management Association (hits:198)
The Southern African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA) welcomes you to the online issue of its official journal, the South African Journal of Wildlife Research.
Partnership for Rhino Conservation (hits:197)
Partnership for Rhino Conservation (PARC) of Nepal is Non-profitable, Non-governmental, Community oriented voluntary team for Environment and Biodiversity conservation. Initially, team dealt specifically with Rhino conservation program but now it works intigrately environment and biodiversity. It is an autonomous body strong with juridical personality.
It focuses small children, student, youth and poor oriented activities to uplift them and make responsible for biodiversity conservation. It respects small children’s reaction against wildlife hunting.
Rhino Resource Center (hits:194)
The RRC website accesses an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and notes covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros
Save Sumatran Rhinos (hits:174)
The Sumatran rhinoceros has lived throughout Southeast Asia for millennia. But over the past century, its population has been nearly erased as a result of poaching and habitat loss. Today there are fewer than 80 Sumatran rhinos left in the world. Hanging on to existence in 10 fragmented sub-populations across two islands, this rhino is so rare that few people have ever seen one in the wild. Separated by mountainous terrain, Sumatran rhinos now struggle to find mates in the wild to breed their next generation.<br>If we don’t act now, the Sumatran rhino will very likely go extinct in our lifetime.<br><br>
Asian Rhino Foundation (hits:165)
This Dutch rhino foundation supports the 3 Asian rhino species and want to introduce people to these animal species.
Your Inner Rhino (hits:139)
A blog of midly fanciful thoughts from the International Rhino Community, This blog is about Rhinodom, its many facets and history, and the mindset which defines its excellence in a Cosmic Sense. Nothing too ambitious, just a down-home good-natured celebration of Ourselves, Our Inner Rhino.
Australian Rhino project (hits:133)
Founded by Ray Dearlove, the ultimate goal of The Australian Rhinoceros Project is to ensure the survival of these majestic species by making a significant contribution to ex situ conservation breeding efforts in order to ensure species survival outside of the range states where the issue persists. The objective of such programs is to maintain a viable population outside of the range state, with targeted genetic and demographic management that will allow for the repatriation of African rhinoceros back to their natural habitat and homelands. The scope of this objective should not be underestimated, as it could be generations before this environment is secure and free from poaching.
George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust (hits:117)
The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust was formed in England in 1979 to raise funds for the work being done in the Kora National Park in northern Kenya by George Adamson and his assistant Tony Fitzjohn.

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