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Title: Analysis of complete mitochondrial genomes from extinct and extant rhinoceroses reveals lack of phylogenetic resolution
Author(s): Willerslev, E.; Gilbert, M.; Binladen, J.; Ho, S.; Campos, P.; Ratan, A.; Tomsho, L.; Fonseca, R. da; Sher, A.; Kuznetsova, T.; Nowak-Kemp, M., Roth, T., Miller, W., Schuster, S.
Year published: 2009
Journal: BMC Evolutionary Biology
Volume: 9
Pages: 1-30
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All Rhino Species
The scientific literature contains many examples where DNA sequence analyses have been used to provide definitive answers to phylogenetic problems that traditional (non-DNA based) approaches alone have failed to resolve. One notable example concerns the rhinoceroses, a group for which several con...

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