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Title: Comparative aspects of steroid metabolism in rhinoceroses: implications for reproductive assessment
Author(s): Hodges, J.K.; Hindle, J.E.
Year published: 1988
Journal: -
Volume: -
Pages: pp. 83-91, figs. 1-5
Reference From:Dresser, B. et al. 1988 Proceedings of the 5th Internatioinal Conference on breeding endangered species in captivity. Cincinnati, Zoo and Botanical Garden, pp. i-xii, 1-722
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Reproduction - Management methods
All Rhino Species
Steroid metabolism in different species. The reasons for the poor breeding record in captivity are unclear, but undoubtedly one of the main contributing factors is the lack of understanding of the reproductive biology of rhinoceros and of the factors required for successful reproduction. Virtua...

Captive - World
Captivity - Zoo Records
White Rhino
With the possible exception of the Southern White, all species of rhinoceros are endangered in their natural habitat. Furthermore, captive populations of these species have yet to become sufficiently viable to provide a long term safeguard against continuing decline of numbers in the wild. The ...

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