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The RRC database contains a total of 41691 Notes which are linked to 27824 References. Furthermore, 27972 PDF's containing copies of pages from books and journals are available.

Newest PDFs:

Kawata, K., 2023
Corder, M.L. et al., 2023
Lu, X. et al., 2023
International Rhino Keeper Association, 2023
Anonymous, 1919
Claverie, M., 1878
Rousseau, L., 1874
Langlois, 1898
Reid, M., 1848
Boitard, P., 1884
M.H.H.I., 1860
Moreel, F., 2023
Yan, J. et al., 2023
Vassal, G.M., 1911
Carpeaux, L., 1901
Foa, E., 1894
Blanchere, H. de la, 1873
Anonymous, 1873
Beauvoir, Comte de et al., 1869
Cuvier, G., 1825
Cuvier, G., 1825
Diard, P.M., 1820
P.M., 1897
Foa, E., 1895

Rhino Literature & Articles

The RRC website provides access to an extensive database of indexed and tagged references, abstracts and full texts covering every possible aspect of the knowledge of the rhinoceros. There are no restrictions of language, time period, locality or type of publication including reports and grey literature. Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

Special Features:
Our Image Gallery including Contemporary Art.
Main references to the fossil rhino sites database in Excel format; more info here

Newest References:
Kawata, K., 2023. Zooing the Grand Canyon state: exploring the zoos of Arizona. Zoo Grapevine and International Zoo News Summer 2023: 32-37
Corder, M.L. et al., 2023. Metabolomic profiling implicates mitochondrial and immune dysfunction in disease syndromes of the critically endangered black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis). Nature: Scientific Reports 13:15464: 1-13 -
Lu, X. et al., 2023. Reproduction of a fossil rhinoceros from 18 mya and origin of litter size in perissodactyls. iScience 26 (107800): 1-11 -
International Rhino Keeper Association, 2023. Various notes. The Crash Fall (September) 2023: 1-12
Anonymous, 1919. Le rhinoceros devenu homme (conte hindou) [cartoon]. La Jeunesse Illustrée 17 (847), 7 December 1919: 5-6
Claverie, M., 1878. L'Exposition Universelle - les préparatifs. La Presse Illustrée 12 (524), 14 April 1878: 2-5
Rousseau, L., 1874. Episodes de chasse dans l'Afrique meridionale: Le rhinoceros 'major'. La Semaine des Familles no. 20 (15 August 1874): 317-319
Langlois, 1898. Chasse au rhinoceros. La Semaine Illustrée 1 (14), 28 August 1898: 3-4
Reid, M., 1848. Les enfants des bois. Illustrated by Gustave Janet. Translated by La Bedollière. Pantheon Populaire Illustré, pp. 1-46
Boitard, P., 1884. Encyclopedie de l'Enfance: Histoire naturelle illustree, redigee d'apres la 4me edition du Cours Elementaire d'Histoire Naturelle. Paris, H. Lebrun Fils
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