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Title: Dans la jungle Moï
Author(s): Marchand, J.
Year published: 1951
Publisher: Paris, Peyronnet
Volume: -
Pages: -
Acknowledgement:We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us this reference from his Carino database.
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Categories and original text of this Reference:

Asia - East Asia - Vietnam
Asian Rhino Species
Asia/Indochina/Vietnam/Champa = Annam (11-16°N 108°E) - 1951 - Présents - Forêts tropicales riches en espèces - Au VI/VIIème le Champa, vassal de la Chine, lui payait un tribut en cornes de rhinos - ( p. 162 ) - (CARINO No. 551 - Reference and note contributed by CARINO (Dr Henri Carp...

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