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Title: Le beau voyage autour du monde
Author(s): Blanchot, F.
Year published: 1939
Publisher: Paris, Payot
Volume: -
Pages: -
Acknowledgement:We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us this reference from his Carino database.
File: No PDF available

Categories and original text of this Reference:

Asia - East Asia - Cambodia
Asian Rhino Species
Asia/Indochina/Annam/Dalat/ (11,5°N 107,8°E) Asia/Cambodia - 1939 - Présence des rhinos vers la 3ème chute du Dong Nai en Annam (p. 113) Au Cambodge sculptures - (CARINO No. 294 - Reference and note contributed by CARINO (Dr Henri Carpentier, Ingénieur Civil des Mines), 2011)

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