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Title: Hainan: l'île aux cent visages
Author(s): Mouly, R.P.
Year published: 1946
Publisher: Paris, Ed. Lethilleux . Imp. moderne Dreux
Volume: -
Pages: -
Acknowledgement:We would like to thank H. Carpentier for supplying us this reference from his Carino database.
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Categories and original text of this Reference:

Asia - East Asia - China
Asian Rhino Species
Asia/China/Guandong (ex Canton)/Hai Nan (19°N 110°E) - 1946 - EW - Les grands fauves sont désormais introuvables dans la jungle - (CARINO No. 280 - Reference and note contributed by CARINO (Dr Henri Carpentier, Ingénieur Civil des Mines), 2011)

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