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Kuzmin, YA.V.; Kosintsev, P.A.; Vasiliev, S.K.; Fadeeva, T.V.; Hodgins, G.W.L., 2017. The northernmost and latest occurrence of the fossil porcupine (Hystrix brachyura vinogradovi Argyropulo, 1941) in the Altai Mountains in the Late Pleistocene (ca. 32,000-41,000 cal BP). Quaternary Science Reviews 161: 117-122, 2 tabs, 4 figs []

Location: Europe - Estern Europe - Russia
Subject: Distribution - Records
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
Fragments of teeth assigned to Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (J├Ąger), the Merck's rhino, were found in both the Barsuchii Dol and Idrisovskaya caves.

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