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Zhamoyda, A.I., 2014. Obrazovanie Russkogo Paleontologicheskogo Obshchesta – Pervy god deyatel’nosti [The constitution of the Russian Palaeontological Society – The first year of its scientific activity] [in Russian]. Materialy LX sessii Paleontol. Ob-stva “Diversifikazya i Etapnost’ Evolyuzii Organicheskogo Mira v Svete Paleontol. Letopisi”, Skt-Peterburg: 11-15, w/ nine portraits

Location: Europe - Estern Europe - Russia
Subject: People Biography
Species: Fossil

Original text on this topic:
The present article is in memoriam of the RPS constitution (April 22 [or May 5] 1916) and of the prominent palaeontologists who founded it.
Some of them - N.N. Yakovlev, M.V. Pavlova, A.A. Borisyak - were dealing with rhinoceroses as well.

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